Shorts 097

Embrace the world’s complexity. It’s what allows you to be so special singular.

Shorts 095

One can either speak, or listen

One can either create, or observe

One can either follow their will, or see with their mind’s eye.

One can either dominate, or exist with

One can either govern, or subjugate to

One can either take dominion, or be fully subjugated

Now, why is this so confusing to you, reader?

Perhaps, don’t classify so much.

Perhaps, don’t assume your misunderstanding implies another’s fault.

Shorts 091

Society’s misunderstanding of our technological advancements is demonstrated in its lack of stewardship.

Our lives are filled with notifications we don’t want.

We have ambiguous news reporting.

False claims, inspired by greed, fill our ears.

Meanwhile, small communities are drowned out by this noise. These bastions of hope carry the torch of truth, seek to protect the voice of individuality, and honor the value of democracy.

Yet, we cannot hear them.

What else are we missing?

At what cost are we enjoying our freedom from stewardship?

Shorts 090

I wish we told our children the truth – that we never really grow up and we’re always trying to do so.

That makes me think: I should worry less about where I’m going and acknowledge that I will always be going there.