I realized today that introducing myself was important here. You need to know a little about me and why this blog exists. You could pick it on your own, but I should state it outright.

A Little Flavor

I’m a dude. I have 3 kids from my first marriage. I love my job – I get to do lots of highly engaging things like problem solving, programming, teaching, learning, optimizing, negotiating. I like woodworking, but I debate with myself constantly about the hobby because it’s expensive and I can’t produce with it at the frequency needed to justify it. I enjoy rapid conversations and my sense of humor is the ride on the line with my conversational partner between a mutual understanding and making them confused for a split second (e.g. in all seriousness and without breaking face I would deviate from the line of our conversation and head down the wrong path for a few seconds, gradually increasing the illogical nature of my point until I make eye contact to remind them they should be questioning me). And while that’s a weird way to roll, it gets laughs pretty regularly, so I like it.

Why Blog?

I’m on a journey, folks. I’ve changed a lot recently. I think I learned some fundamentals that were simply lacking for over 30 years. And I am a teacher at heart, and an architect, too. I want to learn everything so I can improve it all. And I’ve acknowledged, finally, that I can’t do that alone, because I can’t reach any deep truth without having the help of intelligent people to challenge me or validate my views, if applicable. So now I am exploring some artistic media in order to express my views and have them judged and improved. I’ve surmised that this is the only way to explore my deep thoughts, because the people around me, whom I respect and love, don’t have the same interest in deep, intellectual, philosophical and economical thought – they aren’t architects. So their patience is limited, and I can stop being frustrated by that. I can fulfill this portion of my needs without them. And that’s not sad anymore, it’s just the way my loved ones are. It’s the way I am. And I can let them be the way they are and enjoy my presence in the way they desire. So, by freeing them from the unnecessary requirement of listening to all the detailed things I want to say, we can simply relax together. And when their interest is piqued, I’ll speak.

What Now?

That’s up to you, reader. You’re the person I’m trying to reach. If your interest is piqued, then, please, speak.

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