No Pun Intended – 1

Stand-Up Joke: Why do I get so mad when my drive-thru order is wrong?

Punchline: Haven’t I learned yet that my fellow man will perplex me forever?

Explanation: I’m juxtaposing an observation of triviality: “We get annoyed when others make insignificant mistakes” against a deep implied hypothesis: “One can never understand his fellow man sufficiently, thus any refusal to take understanding to heart is a rejection of the desire to do so.” The joke might also be a critique of the author (and, per one’s judgement, possibly also of the audience), because the joker knowingly and trivially acts in contradiction to the implied optimum behavior (being “the golden rule” and such). Upon considering the joke, the listener also might feel more validated or less validated, based on whether they first felt sympathy for the joker or the drive-thru crew in the joke.

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