Shorts – 074

If you stop trying to see it with the eyes, you will begin seeing it with the mind.

Shorts – 052

Hypothesis: If I could easily control access to the folders and pages, this form of communication (blogging/site publication) would be much more efficient than email – blogging to each group and opening/closing access as desired.

Now, someone go make a million bucks off that if you can. Just don’t forget me. 🙂

Actually, no. Copyright right now. CommBlogg.   😉

Shorts – 049

Creativity produces insanity.

Even as I’m publishing this, I hear the song “Comfortably Numb” hit my playlist and I search for a reason for the coincidence.

Then I fear what this suggests of me that isn’t, so I search for a way to convey what that song wouldn’t.

No, don’t be concerned. I am not defeated. No don’t be concerned. I am not sad. In fact, I am comfortable and I am submissive in tandem. Please don’t change upon learning this of me, whatever “this” may be.

Just be at peace.

Rationalization maintains sanity.