Shorts – 056

Proposed optimized teaching method:

“Shadow Boxing”

Challenge: A learner desires to grow at a reasonable pace.

Challenge: The teacher does not know the desired pace.

Solution: The teacher’s approach for each recursion is this:

Ask the student to select a category, then // Act accordingly

A. They are mentally caught up and ready to be challenged. // Box with them (e.g. lecture; e.g. assign them an independent task with clarified expectations for mistakes)

B. They need time, or would like to ask a question. // Wait, listen.

C. They need either a lecture/restatement/demonstration of the current/next topic. // Let them shadow (provide your support however needed)

D. They are not interested anymore. // I’ll let you decide!

Shorts – 024

We so willingly give our attention to media that it hardly matters what anyone is saying. Many people will say almost anything that gives them money. So what we get in our media is just a bunch of nonsense.

Edit: Many public figures will say whatever gets them what they want.

A Good Start

1Harmonious Logical DiscourseA Good Start2


I believe I have many profound things to share with you. And I am certain that you have profound things to teach me. However, this document, being permanently and completely defined by its publication, represents my singular opportunity to begin our discourse in a way that is harmonious with my will. I am publishing this document to satisfy my will: I desire to increase teaching, learning, and harmony for all life. In order to do so, I believe I must first teach you about Harmonious Logical Discourse, as complex ideas cannot be shared without it.

Making Progress

One should think of teaching more like sharing. A teacher should allow for the opportunity to identify their own misconceptions. To share effectively, one must attempt to be understood. Imagine my challenge! I have but a brief moment in which to attempt to be understood!

I see two options: A) convey a sufficiently complete understanding of my learnings in this single document, or B) eventually end this entry in our discourse with the hopes that my listeners will not only understand my words and intentions, but will want to listen when I attempt to be heard again. I am choosing option B due to my need to fit this writing into my lifespan.

As such, for my first objective, to teach you of Harmonious Logical Discourse, you and I have responsibilities. For any individual, I expect that the fervor with which he pursues these items will be correlated with his confidence in my stated will being A) attainable, and B) consistent with his own.

Your responsibilities:
1) You must try to understand me
2) You must defer judgment sufficiently
3) You must support the maintenance of harmony

My responsibilities:
1) I must try to understand you
2) I must communicate with pith
3) I must support the maintenance of harmony

With these roles defined, I ask that you endeavor to do your part.

I shall endeavor to do mine.

Satisfying My Responsibilities

Having stated my responsibilities, I shall briefly address the way in which I have satisfied each.

1) I must understand you, my listener. Fortunately, I feel that I finally do with sufficient depth.
2) I must communicate with pith. As you can see, I am talking like a robot so that’s covered!
3) Maintaining harmony. One pauses to reflect…isn’t this the greatest challenge to humanity? Regardless, here is my attempt in this context: I am attempting to captivate and appease you by riding a fine line between:
Good stuff: wordplay, hope, and
Bad Stuff: misunderstanding, distaste, distrust, indifference
By riding this line to the best of my ability, I have done my part to maintain harmony without prematurely ending our discourse.

Have I succeeded? If so, then in doing these things I believe I have fulfilled my responsibility towards my will.

On a personal note, and included here as yet another lesson, maintaining harmony is the responsibility that I fear failing the most, for it lasts not only through this discourse but through all others which may be impacted by this one. Take that thought in for a moment, and consider the gravity of my words in both your own life and for this document. If this one publication takes hold in the minds of mankind, and it is NOT sufficiently convincing that harmony is to be maintained, then I have influenced humanity in such a way as to decrease the probability of achieving harmony! As you can see, despite my considering this a comfortably tail-case negative outcome, I must tread lightly as I write and endeavor fully to uphold my dear responsibility for maintaining harmony.

It may be that society rejects me. I may be persecuted rather than educated if my understanding is partially or completely wrong. I can only say, simply, my will is for there to be harmony.

Sharing My Thoughts –
Are You Interested, Too?

I could stop here, as I believe that publishing this document without further commentary would still achieve my goals for entry 1. That pleases me. But I endeavor to spark even more interest by shedding light on my intended direction for our discourse, so here is a tiny portion of topics about which further discourse would please me.

  • I currently believe that I have independently developed a pretty deep understanding of various martial arts. They seemed a natural consequence of mindfulness, so I have been happily exploring the boundaries of my understanding. Fundamentally, it came down to perceiving my will as a product of my biological brain, which exists within and relies upon my physical body. I learned that my mind is crippled when my body is heavily engaged (through movement, simulation from the environment or my own body, or meeting the desires of other wills). A simple exercise for independent learning in this area is to treat respiration as a mindful process. Develop control and respect for the demand that muscle engagement asserts upon your breathing. In doing so and through deep relaxation, one can hold his breath for a very, very long time. And one comes to respect the fact that their musclular actions are costly, and that optimized efficiency of movement maximizes one’s physical and mental resources. I found the terms “yoga” and “tai chi” to be applicable to my activities and thoughts. Disclaimer: I am not yet educated in what those terms truly mean, so I wrote them as I did to demonstrate a humility in their use.
  • I believe that I have experienced the death of ego and hope to explain how I arrived there.
  • I believe I developed a clear understanding of my fundamental personality – my mind’s modus operandi. Hearing just a few words, one can understand a large portion of me. There is much to discuss and learn in this area.
  • I believe that we can achieve peace as a significantly more united humankind.
  • I believe that I could be totally wrong about any one of my understandings and assertions.
  • I believe that this author’s anonymity is required in order to prevent a disruption in the lives of his family. And that is one of my fears – a fear of your will to demand that my personal identity be revealed. Fundamentally, this is a fear that a significantly differing will asserts its dominance over me without my permission.

A tangent – I cannot resist: Can you see that such discussions could be fascinating? Think about that fundamental fear above for a some time – the fear that I will fail to be understood and thus cause disharmony. Does this great fear of mine, which is ultimately a fear of domination, represent a fundamental human experience? Is it one whose study could reveal some means to achieving greater peace? Can you see how, possibly, using Harmonious Logical Discourse to explore any number of deep, subtle areas of understanding could advance the intellect and harmony of humanity by leaps and bounds? And that such advancement would filter to the lowliest of our precious peoples? Think of the bliss we could achieve together!

But here I return to more probable outcomes. I realize the great potential for the failure of my ideas whether by their inaccuracy or by your will. My face falls, but I find peace in knowing that I endeavored to uphold my personal tenets. And I find peace in knowing that there is hope.


As difficult as it is to call this document final, I tentatively do so out of necessity. If you endeavor to sufficiently satisfy my will, I shall do the same for yours. In this way harmony is achieved, and we may proceed with Harmonious Logical Discourse. Otherwise, I suspect this may be my last entry.

In harmony and as one of you,