Me, Trying to Keep Myself Motivated (to do a thing I had decided to do (e.g. go get a sip of water)

Preface: Reader, take “go get a sip of water” as an instance of the term “Decide to Act”

I think about monkey-mindedness and I tell myself:

Command to self: “Let yourself do what you had decided to do in the first place, if that’s still what you wish to have done.”

I realize the phrase “you wish to have done” can be read as:
A) thinking  –  “your will to have it happen”, or
B) doing  – “you wish you had already done”
The duality can be followed backwards from the word play to imply that the term “Decide to Act” has a duality as well, with the term “Act with One’s Body.”

Now, let’s optimize our control over these variables!

Let’s oppose our ability to get things physically done with our ability to make a decision. Then, they are mathematically correlated, these logical endpoints, such that there is a slider which can be used to optimize the net return on investment (the sum of your ability to make decisions + ability to get things done with the body).  //this might not make sense later…but it makes sense right now…

Thus, so that your will achieves its highest return on your time/energy while balancing acts of doing and acts of thinking in accordance with itself, one (will) should:

“Lesson: Move and think each with optimized deliberation.”

Interpretation: If you’re trying to get something done (in any context), if it’s mental then stop moving extraneously, if it’s physical stop thinking extraneously. Your ability to hone your attention (with an awareness of the difference in these two “actions” (thinking and doing)) significantly impacts your productivity (in thought and action).

Above, I have claimed the simple act of “moving with more or less deliberation per an increased awareness of their duality” is a direct improver of one’s “ability to control and benefit from their thoughts and actions.”

That’s a bold claim! But where did I slip up in the thought process? Anywhere?